Christine HEALY

Christine Healy is an accomplished, academic painter known for her romantic interpretations of the Australian landscape. Her work pays homage to the lavish, impasto surfaces of 19th century English artist J.M.W. Turner. She combines acrylic, oil, and wax with loose and luminous brushwork. Healy invites us to transcend the literal and the mundane and to step into the sublime.

"Light plays its part in my scheme: it can be intense or filtered but it suffuses all the paintings. Light creates atmosphere; it can be ambiguous; it causes images to disintegrate or cohere allowing unlimited variations and interpretations."

Christine Healy has had numerous solo and group shows throughout Australia and her works are held in private and corporate collections nationally. Healy has been a finalist in several art prizes including the Glover Prize (2012), Artecycle (2013) and the Paul Guest Drawing Prize.