Zhou Xiaoping (b. 1960) learnt the technique of traditional Chinese brush painting under the tutelage of a great master while growing up. He himself mastered the delicate style but found the traditions associated with it restrictive to his expressive nature.

In 1988, after exhibiting some of his work in Melbourne, Zhou decided to head to Central Australia to experience what the country had to offer apart from the thriving metropolis' he was already accustomed to in his home country. In particular he was keen to visit indigenous communities.

In Alice Springs he encountered Aboriginal people for the first time along with their art and found what he had been looking for. His own culture was over 5000 years old but here was a society much older and infused with the expressive elements of tradition, symbolism and meaning that he aspired to. This had a profound affect on the young artist and most of his work since then has been about Aboriginal society, combining his Chinese painting with Aboriginal culture and technical influences, making his work highly unique.

"In Chinese traditional painting artists often paint imaginary and mythical scenes, mysterious mountains and water falls, cloud filled landscapes, beautiful flowers and fierce tigers and horses. I'm more interested in people's everyday lives. In my work I paint Aboriginal people as they live, how they look, what they're doing."

A particularly striking aspect of Xiaoping's paintings is the use of ochres alongside the traditional Chinese inks - most times being applied to rice paper on the floor before being fixed to canvas. This process produces amazingly beautiful textures and colours.


Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory; Ballarat Fine Art Gallery; Golden Dragon Museum, Bendigo; Museum of Australia Chinese History; Maningrida CEC, Arnhemland, NT; Kerry Stokes

Winner of the 1999 Salon Des Refuses Holding Redlich People's Choice Award

Finalist Sulman Prize 2011 - 'Don't Speak For Me'

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  • Waterlily 5 ink, oil on rice paper and canvas 138 x 210 cm $15,000

  • Black Movement ink, oil on rice paper and canvas 136 x 137 cm | $A12,500

  • Waterlily 4 ink, oil on rice paper and canvas, 138 x 210 cm (triptych) | SOLD

  • Three children ink, oil on rice paper and canvas 70 x 90 cm | SOLD

  • Waterlily ink, acylic on rice paper on canvas, 144 x 215 cm SOLD

  • Waterlily (3) 2012, ink, oil on rice paper and canvas, 138 x 210 cm SOLD

  • A Boy Lying On A Fish Ink, acrylic on rice paper,on canvas 96 x 140 cm SOLD