Charles Blackman (b.1928) is a successful Australian contemporary artist represented in most states and provincial galleries whose artistic career spans more than 60 years.

He is regarded as one of the most original and significant figurative painters in Australian art.

His narrative and illustrative works are relevant to his own experience; delving beneath the surface, Blackman reveals painterly images which have great strength. Blackman is a complete romantic, his work has been described as poetic, he probes the delicate world of human relationships, and his art speaks tenderly of grief, guilt, loss, persecution and the joy of dreams and memories. He explores the gesture of affection and empathy and his wealth of images have included the dreamlike and enchanting melancholy paintings of women and flowers, children absorbed in daydreams, the serene White cat Gardens and beach scenes.

In the 1950s he painted the infamous Schoolgirl series, followed by the Alice in Wonderland series. In 1951 Blackman married a poet, Barbara Patterson, who was to become a lasting presence in his work. Over the years Barbara gradually went blind, and some of his most moving works are portraits of Barbara during this period.

Blackman was a co-founder of the Melbourne Contemporary Art Society in 1953 and was one of seven Antipodeans responsible for the Antipodean Manifesto - a reaction against what they saw as the meteoric rise of abstract expressionism and non-figurative art in Australia. He has won many prizes including the Rowney Prize for drawing (1959) and the Helena Rubinstein Scholarship (1960). In 1997 Blackman was awarded an OBE for his services to art.

  • Crusader Etching 48/50, 48 x 38 cm (sheet size) $1,250

  • Delta Etching 35/50, 48 x 38 cm (sheet size) $1,250

  • Flower Etching 29/50, 48 x 38 cm (sheet size) $1,250

  • Myth Etching 46/50, 48 x 38 cm (sheet size) $1,250

  • Silver Point Etching 28/50, 48 x 38 cm (sheet size) $1,250