(1942-2012) Commenced studies at The Hamburg Fine Art Academy in 1962. After graduating, Jorg became an assistant to Prof. Paul Wunderlich. Besides international teaching appointments, Jorg participated in archaelogical excavations in Israel and Greece as a draughtsman/artist.

Meticulous in their making, Schmeisser's detailed etchings testify to the thoroughness of his training, talents and observation. Natural phenomena, microscopic and macroscopic forms, and elemental forces are so composed as to give a feeling of existence in infinite space and time. To such subjects Jorg adds depictions of ancient and imaginary cities and references to famous nudes by old masters; his work is distinguished also for his incorporation of finely-calligraphed text of poems or his own observations.

Schmeisser held more than 130 solo exhibitions in Australia, Japan, Europe and US and participated in numerous important international group print exhibitions.