Balancing act

With influences drawn from diverse periods in art history, from Greco-Roman sculpture to Art Nouveau to abstraction, Stephen Glassborow has developed his own unique vision of sculpture and artistic beauty and put a contemporary stamp on it.

  • Filigree 2014 bronze, granite 35cm H $A2500

  • Fractal 2013 bronze, granite 75cm H $A9500

  • Mumbo Jumbo 2013 bronze, granite 110cm H SOLD

  • Pedestal 2013 bronze, granite 63cm H $A8000

  • Body Corporate 2014 bronze, granite 76cm H $A11,500

  • Rocking Horse 2014 bronze, granite 43cm H $A7000

  • Miniature 2014 bronze, granite 39cm H $A2500

  • Part Six 2014 bronze, corten steel 220cm H $A15,000