'Screaming at the Wind' Andrew Baines

December 11, 2012

Andrew Baines' reputation as a leading Surrealist artist continues to grow. With sellout shows in Australia and Singapore and European exhibitions on the near horizon, Andrew Baines is establishing himself as a highly collectable name. With his signature use of 'corporates' and cows, drawn from the live installations he holds on beaches throughout Australia, Baines brings fresh and light-hearted imagery to an artworld that is so often caught up in the angst and politics of modern day society.

"Screaming at the Wind" is the latest offering from Baines' studio. In this work the artist has introduced a dramatic sky - the sense of forboding with an ominous storm on the horizon reinforced by the multitude of bowler hats scattered in the wind. Who do they all belong to? Three familiar but anonymous 'corporates' puncture the landscape, dressed once again in the uniform of conformity, umbrellas and raincoats at the ready; only one has lost his hat while the other two hold on to theirs. Who are they? Why are they there? The beauty of Baines' landscapes is that they ask more questions than they answer, leaving the viewers to ponder, creating their own answers to the riddle.

Screaming at the Wind

2012, acrylic on canvas 84 x 140 cm