Greg Johns - small works

March 9, 2013

To introduce this presentation of small works we must first look to Greg Johns' large scale sculptures for which he is so well renowned.

These massive works both dominate and interact with their environments; they add beauty and intrigue in equal measures; they appear foreign yet in the same instance they belong to the panorama. Whether it's urban or rural, mountainous or coastal, Johns' sculptures, mostly created in his signature corten steel, are iconic.

Visitors to Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne would have seen the massive work "Origins"; there's the pair "Swirling Mandala" and "Pattern Wavering" that stand as sentinels in Market Street, South Melbourne and of course "At The Centre (There Is Nothing)" the winner of the 2012 McClelland Sculpture Award. These are just a few examples of the many towering sculptures Johns has produced over the last 35 years.