Andrew Baines' latest installation

October 21, 2013

Early last Sunday morning eight Friesian cows led by eight bowler hat wearing handlers waded into the shallows at Eastern Beach in Geelong.

For the regulars who traverse this attractive beachfront this was certainly an unusual sight; as a large crowd gathered it became obvious there was more to this scene than what be might be surmised as a group of farmers losing the plot.

This was in fact the latest installation by surrealist artist Andrew Baines.

In explaining his motivation for the event Andrew said this was his metaphorical way of letting cows escape from human imposed servile existence, to enjoy nature and the greater infinity.

This installation was achieved with the collaboration of Holstein Australia, the Greater Geelong City Council and of course the dairy farmers involved.

In recent years Andrew has made a name for himself not only as an exceptional artist producing intriguing Surrealist visions on canvas but as an installation artist.

Since 2006 he has created a variety of installations throughout Australia with participants including the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Colin Barnett, Alexander Downer, Natasha Stott Despoja, Malcolm Turnbull, The Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide, the Director and staff on the WA State Gallery and Hills Hoist as well as dozens of luminaries and literally hundreds of volunteers.

in 2012 Baines created his first "guerrilla" installation. As a protest over the lack of toilets at a popular Adelaide beach Andrew lined up 12 suited volunteers reading papers on toilets, including Amanda Vanstone.

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