Kate Elsey Open Studio Nov 24 & 25

November 16, 2013

I recently visited Kate Elsey's studio and immediately knew I was in the midst of an inspired burst of creativity. Canvasses of all different sizes adorned not only the easels but also the walls and hallway. Kate was in a highly productive period and had several paintings on the go, each in various stages of completion awaiting their turn for the next 'cut'. It was a sight to see as Kate moved from one to the next, attacking each with gusto and a rich range of oils.

As I discussed these new works with Kate and her partner Mo we came upon an idea; how wonderful would it be to open up Kate's studio and let everyone experience these paintings in the environment where they had been created?

Later this month we will be doing exactly that.

Between 2pm and 6pm on Saturday November 24 and Sunday November 25 Kate and Mo will open up their house, studio and garden.

Situated in Sunbury just 30 minutes from Melbourne, Kate & Mo's home is an oasis. Walk in through a colourful and inviting hallway and there you will discover Kate's large open plan studio. Decked out with bright green floors the studio looks out onto a garden bursting with native plants and trees and populated with a multitude of birdlife. It is a beautiful setting to live and to paint. I hope you can join us there for an afternoon of art and nature.

This will be a great opportunity to talk to Kate about her art and her life, to see her studio and to peruse an array of her new paintings as well as other works from throughout her career. All artworks will be for sale. While you're there take the time for a leisurely wander through their amazing garden. Refreshments will be served throughout the afternoon.

Kate has recently created a fantastic series of 'ipad' artworks from which she has produced a set of limited editions, numbered and signed by the artist. These will be for sale on the day. Kate will also be giving all who attend one of their choice to take home.

If you would like to join us please contact Liam Ferguson liam@hothamstreetcontemporary.com 0413 750 303 for venue details.

Kate Elsey Open Studio

2-6pm Saturday & Sunday

November 23 & 24, 2013