SHOWCASE - Phil Elson

Each month Hotham Street Contemporary showcases the life and works of selected artists. As part of each showcase we ask a series of questions to gain an insight into their craft.

Our criteria for selection is simple: the artist must display a unique style and vision and be exceptional at their chosen medium.


This month we showcase ceramicist Phil Elson and four of his stunning installations. These sculptures can be viewed on our website and in our Melbourne showspace (details below).

A practicing ceramicist for over 30 years, Phil Elson has been largely influenced by the beautifully fine ceramics of South East Asia, Japan, China and Korea. His work on the wheel could be mistaken as originating from any of these areas given the delicate elegance infused into each piece.

Elson focusses on the development of form and colour within his works and the space that surrounds them, particularly in his development of multi-piece installations.

These sculptures are available to view online and in our Melbourne showspace (see details below).

Please go to our SHOWCASE page to read our interview with Phil.