SHOWCASE - Xiaoping Zhou

Each month Hotham Street Contemporary showcases the life and works of selected artists. As part of each showcase we ask a series of questions to gain an insight into their craft.

Our criteria for selection is simple: the artist must display a unique style and vision and be exceptional at their chosen medium.


This month we showcase Xiaoping Zhou and five of his most recent paintings. These works can be viewed on our website and in our Melbourne showspace.

Every artist's challenge is to have uniqueness in their work; to have a voice that stands apart from others. This is no easy task in a day and age where we can now see the work of thousands of artists from all corners of the planet.

One artist that certainly has a unique vision and made an indelible impression in contemporary art is Xiaoping Zhou.

Through an unlikely combination of traditional Chinese art practice and a 25 year collaboration with Aboriginal artists, Xiaoping produces works of wonderment. Mixing his media with ink overlaid with oils and acrylics, mostly applied on rice paper, Xiaoping's compositions are awash with the influences of an upbringing in ink and brush painting and a palette inspired by the rich ochres of Aboriginal art. Portraying an abstracted Australian landscape populated with symbolism from both Chinese and Aboriginal culture along with the day to day life of Australia's first people, Xiaoping's paintings are at once beautiful and rich with meaning.

Please go to our SHOWCASE page to read our interview with Xiaoping.