Lidia s Great but not-so-quiet silent art auction

6pm Friday November 2 2018

A room full of art, a bar full of wine and and 90 minutes to bid.

What better way to spend the start of your Friday night?

Usually assigned to a back room or a side table, the silent auction often plays the quiet second fiddle to its noisy and dramatic cousin, the art auction.

Not so this time! This silent art auction will take centre stage with no supporting act.

All artworks great and small will be up for grabs in a 90 minute dash. Bidding starts when the doors open at 6pm and finishes at 7.30pm. Winners announced directly after.

You could be heading to your 8pm dinner date with a new artwork under your arm and the satisfaction that every dollar you shelled out is going straight towards re-electing Lidia Thorpe in Northcote.

Bring your friends, your dinner date and your credit card.