6 Living Room Furniture Trends for Every Home

6 Living Room Furniture Trends for Every Home

Over the years, home design styles have constantly changed. Periods and places usually have their distinct home design features. And even while your interior decor is dependent on your personal taste, design trends are often worth considering. The same is the case when picking out furniture for your living room. Although there are many trends to pick from, this article highlights six (6) living room furniture trends.

6 Living Room Furniture Trends for Every Home


For those who like the calm nature of the beach and want to bring that same beach-themed texture or coastal texture to their homes, this style is the most suitable. Furniture in colours such as blue, green, blue-green variations, white, orange, and orange-yellow hues are used to give it a proper coastal feel. The accessories used here also give that desired effect.


This design style emphasizes simplicity. Simple colours such as white, black, and grey are used to bring this feel. The modern design trend uses furniture and accessories made from natural elements such as wood frames, as well as metal structure decoration.


This style is a milder form of the modern style. It allows the use of bold or neutral colours and it is ever-changing. The contemporary style is reflected in lounge chairs, sofas, and accent chairs. Contemporary design also focuses on form and shape that is both eclectic and simple.

Modern Glam

The fusion of contemporary and modern design styles creates modern glam. Upholstered chairs and luxury velvet fabrics are used to beautify these spaces, and metallic or wooden furniture is used with bold or neutral colors. Other features such as decor items are added to give it a classic yet elegant look.


This style emphasizes natural elements such as wood to bring a feel similar to a farm life environment. A living room with country style would often have a rustic appearance with wooden furniture complemented with greenery and earth tones.


When unsure of the decor style to choose, go with the eclectic style. Only one rule applies in this style – “anything goes”. Any colour can be used with any type of furniture or so. It could be a classic or elegant theme.

Essential Living Room Furniture and Accessories to Own

Accessories complete the design. In other words, they serve as finishing touches to a decorated space. They are necessary for the completion of the decor and because the owner's personality and taste are displayed in them. Accessories are for every residential area despite the theme of the decor. They may include:


Wall clocks never go out of fashion. They are a beautiful interior decor piece. The wall clock should suit the theme of the decor, be it coastal, modern, contemporary, etc.


These add a beautiful look to a space. Also, other accessories can be placed on it. One type of shelf is the fire escape shelf. This shelf is designed like a fire escape and can carry many other accessories based on the size and how many racks the fire escape shelf has. Regardless of the type, however, shelves in the living room can house books, pictures, and decor pieces.


There are many vases that have a wide range of designs in the market today. It can be an aesthetically pleasing item based on size and design.

Other Accessories

Table lamps, art, mirrors, and rugs are other accessories to consider having in addition to your living room.

Final Thoughts

It might take time to obtain the desired look for your home as there are many options for any theme in the market. Nevertheless, it is important to implement accessories in the decoration to finish a decor theme or identity function.