Tips to Install Marble Tiles For Luxurious Interior

Tips to Install Marble Tiles For Luxurious Interior

Just like technological advancements, construction and interior design are also at their peak. There are a lot of creative and innovative ideas for the home interior that can completely change the look of your place in a way you never imagine.

However, in this constantly developing field, one thing that still holds its way as before is marble stones. Marble is a natural stone for flooring, wall cladding, and countertops. This stone has been used for decades still there is hardly any alternative that is as reliable and durable as these stones.

Marble is one of the most popular natural stones used in home decor. These stones are available in countless colors, patterns, and textures with the latest design of panda marble. The four main types of these marbles are white, black, green, and red. All of these types are amazing in their respective ways. So, anyone can choose the one of their requirement and taste.

Tips to Start Laying Marble Tiles

The beauty and aesthetics of marbles greatly depend on their installation. No matter how beautiful your tiles are, it will be hard to see their beauty if they are not well-placed. However, laying these tiles is also the only step where many people go in the wrong way. So, here are some tips for those who are not familiar with how to install these tiles;

Preparation of the Surface

Marble tiles are not something that you can fix on any floor or wall. These tiles need specific surface preparation. So, make sure that the surface is balanced and well-prepared for tiles.

Cleaning the Surface

After preparing the surface well, you have to remove all the debris or any hard and large stones from the way. Cleaning the surface is important, so nothing will be a hurdle in your work.

Preparing the Tiles and Stones

The preparation of tiles and stones does not need anything specific because they are new and clean enough to place directly. However, you should check all the tiles for damage, instability, and balanced surface so there will be no problem when placing them.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Placing the tiles on your own can be your biggest mistake because these tiles are not like placing stones in your garden. So, make sure to hire an experienced and licensed contractor with the reference of family and friends. Laying the marbles depends on the contractor, so you should not be lazy or hire anyone without research.

Use Level and Spacer

Even if the contractor is experienced, it’s better to use the level and spacers to keep the marbles balanced and at the right distance. It is because you cannot remove the tiles after the installation, as it can be damaging. So, avoid taking any risk that will cause nothing but hassle.


When spending so much on tiles, it’s better to think seriously about their installation too. So, avoid saving any money by not hiring the contractor or not paying attention to what that man is doing. As high-quality tiles also matter the most, check for a luxurious tiles collection.